Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lead Painter's League 2017, Round 9 - Imperial Agents

My entry for the Lead Painter League Round 9, 2017 (which I apparently never posted).

These miniatures are from a variety of sources.

The nuns are conversions. I'm using them as Order Famulous novices.
EMP Games

The 'Adeptus Painticus" guy is a fan sculpt from the Collecting Citadel Miniatures group.
Collecting Citadel Miniatures

The guard are Empire bodies, Cadian Arms, Bretonnian helmets, and I think the leader has a Cadian face.

The Order Pronatus is a converted 'Hussar Girl in Winter Garb':
Hussar Girl

Blue Hair gunslinger is the Ordic Pistolier from the Warmachine game.

Mr. Servo Skull is also converted, using a vox piece from a Imperial Guard backpack.