Monday, December 31, 2018

Sephea, Executrix Champion - Arena of Blood

Here's my last painted miniature of 2018, Raging Heroes' 'Sephea'. As has been the tradition for the last couple years, I try to get everything I have primed finished up by the 1st. I painted quite a lot of terrain and miniatures over the last month to meet my self-imposed deadline. I'll be posted more stuff soonish as time permits.

Honestly I wasn't super excited to paint this one since I don't like the resin Raging Heroes uses, it doesn't accept primer easily and I've tried quite a few brands, washed the resin, let it 'de-gas' for weeks, etc. etc. She was originally just a test mini for priming.

Anyway about a quarter of the way in I really began to like where she was headed and I really like how it turned out. Not sure what I'll use her for, but I based her to match my Wyches for the Arena of Blood. She may come out when a Wych avoids combat for two rounds or something.

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