Sunday, January 13, 2019

Necromunda Goliath Gang

Here's some recently painted Necromunda Goliaths, the 'Ourangs'. I've had the new Necro box set for a year now and just now got to it. Goliaths are my least favorite gang so I painted them first... also my friend started and finished his Escher before me :)

I decided to give them some giant ratskins using greenstuff. I still haven't decided on the backstory for that. Maybe the gang founder was aided by Ratskins for some reason and adopted their traditional costume as a sign of respect.

I ended up liking these guys quite a bit after I got done. My intention was to speed paint them pretty quick and go 'Blanchitsu' on them, so I used a lot of washes instead of direct painting. Still ended up pretty 'clean' though... I have trouble going gritty apparently.

I'm working on a 3D Zone Mortalis as well... not sure its worth the time!


  1. Dude love the added fur, it's a simple touch that highlights an already savage gang! Well done. ;)

  2. Those turned out nicely. Maybe the ratskins are because they killed the Ratskins that wore them?

    1. Could very well be, haven't settled on the lore yet :)