Saturday, March 23, 2019

Wargames Atlantic Greek Skeleton Warriors

A few weeks ago I was asked to paint some 28mm Greek-themed fantasy skeletons for a new company, Wargames Atlantic.

They're very well tooled, with almost zero mold line cleanup. They build quickly. A sprue has three bodies with integrated legs, and a torso/pelvis with separate legs which allow a person to build a skeleton that is running, advancing, standing, or to simply use the components for scenic purposes.

Weapon options are predominantly spears, although there is a sword, sarissa (pike), and bow, as well as four shields. The horned animal head shown above could easily be used on a body- I attached it to a spear to serve as a standard. The plastic glues very easily with styrene glue (some miniature plastics don't seem to).

Overall a very nice kit, with good detail and customization options. The thickness of the bones and weapons should be good for gaming purposes. 

Building these dredged up pleasant memories of Jason and the Argonauts!