Sunday, March 29, 2020

3D Printed Necromunda Loader Vehicle

I bought a 3D printer (Ender 3Pro) a couple of months ago and have been messing around upgrading it and printing some wargaming items here and there. I saw a really cool armored tractor vehicle on Instragram one day and was directed to a file on Thingiverse.

I was eager to try a high resolution setting because I hate print lines on miniatures. I think this thing came out pretty well, good enough to use decals on it without picking up too much texture.

Here's the file (designed by Dxsus):


  1. Yes, print lines destroy the look of lots of 3d stuff, but this looks good.

  2. It seems the quality of these printers is getting better and better. A great machine, looks really good.

    1. I've been waiting a while for a printer that could do a decent resolution, wasn't expensive, and doesn't take a ton of tinkering around. Decided to leap in :)

  3. Great stuff. 3D printing is still a distance away for me at the moment but people are doing some great stuff with the domestic level printers.