Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Relic Dealer and Kiosk - 40k

I built a bunch of 40k civilians when I had some free time, and I'll be working through them periodically. First up is another relic dealer, with a small kiosk.

The base model is a Reaper 'Clergy' figure, with some greenstuff, wire, a Bretonnian reliquary, and a servo from the devastator kit.

The kiosk is a combination of 3d printed parts, plastic bits from a Grey Knights kit, plasticard, and a track unit from an old Disney Atlantis toy.


  1. You keep on producing such inspiring stuff! I'm in love with every piece, they all make perfect sense in the 40K universe and are full of tiny details that bring them to life. Bravo!

  2. If you and Axiom put your collections together, why you'd be able to fill an entire tournament hall with scum and villainy.