Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ashes of Faith - Inquisition Kill Team

I was excited and slightly dismayed to see that Games Workshop released an Inquisition Kill Team in the Ashes of Faith box set in May 2023. Excited because I love the Inquisition range- I've been a major fan since the 90s with the Slaves to Darkness rulebook.

I was also dismayed, because I've been slogging along collecting and painting all the 28mm Inquisition models that have been released... and I'd just finished all of the henchmen and Inquisitors right before new release- a two and a half year project.

I was lucky to snag two copies of the box set so that I could complete all of the variants. As with many GW kits these days, a base model can be used to make two or more variants... in one particular annoying case, the only variant for the auto-savant was a barely visible face swap.

Anyway, after chipping away on them since May, here's the full set of Inquisition from the Ashes of Faith box set. 





Gun Servitor - Three Weapon Variants


Hive World Pistolier

Penal Legionnaire

Death World Veteran 




  1. Brilliant work. Love your attention to detail. Good luck hunting down the one missing inquisitor.

  2. It's absolutely insane, I love how they turned out :)