Saturday, July 22, 2017

Battle Sister Reinforcement

I've been slowly working on another full squad of Battle Sisters (more than what I would ever need for Shadow War, the plan is to get a force going for 40K 8th) and I decided to finish one ahead of the group to replace a model I'd been using in my Kill Team.

I've lost the last two games, but I haven't suffered any deaths and have killed about five of my opponent's orks. After the last game I added a tenth member which is the maximums squad size. I also added some melta-bombs to one sister, and rather than glue one to a miniature I painted up the ammo servitor from the Space Marine devastators kit. I used a smaller 20mm base for the creepy lil' guy.


  1. Looking good. I like the servitor very much. He fits the Sisters well.

  2. Very nice. I have often thought of Space Marines having servitors carting around their equipment and banners like medieval knights, and for that reason I have not put back banners on mine. I haven't got around to making the banner waving servitors though yet!

    1. That's a cool idea, I could see servitors or chapter serfs being tasked with that.

  3. Awesome idea for the melta-bomb! Really nicely-painted colour scheme on your Sisters of Battle force.