Sunday, November 17, 2019

Relic Seekers - Lead Adventure League - Round 5 - Black Crab Miniatures

This is my Round 5 entry for the LPL. The miniatures are four resin 'grimdark' scroungers from the Meridian Miniatures "Black Crab" Kickstarters, plus a winged cyber cherub from the Games Workshop Inquisition range.

Credit to Suber for the unusual blue color scheme. He posted his excellent Order of the Ossuary on the Lead Adventure Forum, along with a really cool concept for them, so I decided to follow suit. 

GW had a minor order of Sororitas called the Order of the Blue Robe that I've been wanting to do for a while, so these will tie into a larger Order Pronatus task force dedicated to securing relics. 


  1. They look incredible, marvelous work and great choice of colours.

  2. Absolutely amazing, sir. Your work is 4000% much better than mine in absolute terms. Incredibly great!

    1. Thanks man, you're rating yourself too low though! Not sure I'd have painted these guys anytime soon if I hadn't seen yours :)