Monday, January 4, 2021

Chapel of the Emperor's Image - 40K Kitbash - Pilgrim

When I was in the local thrift store a few weeks ago I chanced on a cheap Christmas decoration in the form of a plastic light up church. It had a single mid-sized bulb that illuminated the interior through some front doors that were slightly ajar, and some hideously colored windows.

I thought I took a WIP or preliminary photo but I don't seem to have one. Getting it ready for 'grimdarking' took a little work. I had to remove the doors (breaking them in the process, no idea what kind of glue they used), I attempted to pry off the acetate windows, and I had to block up a large gap in the back where the cord for the light came in. 

I added some 40K bits to the outside, some candles, and a picture to the interior. The Aquila and picture frame are 3D printed. The image of the Emperor I found on the internet- that is a print out. I have not been able to discover who the original artist is [EDIT: looks like the artist is "NeilDY". They had a DeviantArt page at some point, now unavailable]

I also painted up a Reaper 'Bones' crone miniature that seemed like a good down-and-out pilgrim.

I couldn't resist a quick double exposure with a little Photoshop (mainly just selective erasing a very dark image that was on top of correctly exposed one). 


  1. Lovely looking picture frame. Are you using FDM or resin? And did you freehand the painting itself?

    1. I have an Ender 3, using PLA. The painting is printed out- I forgot to mention that. Thanks!

  2. Awesome work, this is a really professional-looking & atmospheric build! What a great find for a basic structure!

  3. Oh, this is sweet! I mean, it's a simple build, but you turned it into something really atmospheric. You hit the right buttons here, I love it!

  4. Wow. That is a great additional piece of 40K terrain for your growing pilgrimage center. Fantastic grimdark atmosphere. I have always had an interest in building a 40K table that while grim wasn't already blown to bits. You have done an excellent job at that.