Sunday, January 9, 2022

Inquistion and Servo-Skulls - Inq28th and ServoskullSaturdays

I've not been diligent at uploading to the blog this year, and taking a look through my entries revealed that I neglected to post a lot of entries.

Here's a collection of Inquisition and Servo-Skulls that I've completed in the last few months. I've been pretty much on track completing one servo-skull per month for #servoskullsaturday, and one Inquisitor a month for "Inq28th". I got off track in November-December due to time constraints and the fact that I didn't actually have one of the Inquisition I thought I had purchased, Karamazov on his Throne of Judgement.

Silas Hand,  from the Black Library Daemonifuge diorama. I'll probably add him to the base at some point.

Ordo Malleus Daemonhunter 

Yithians in the wrong place at the wrong time...

 Ordo Malleus Daemonhunter

Inquisitor Lord Coteaz
Ordo Hereticus


 Converted Ork Servo-Skull, based on a plastic skull from the Skulls kit.
 Lastly, here's a group shot of the completed set of metal servo-skulls that GW produced for the Inquisition ranges.


  1. Those Yithians are doomed…

    Really nice work sir

  2. The Yithians are just trying to free mankind from that dead guy on the machine so they can fulfill their proper destiny and die off in favor of the intelligent beetles.