Sunday, January 9, 2022

Rangers of Shadow Deep - The Last Stand

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I were able to squeeze in the last scenario of the basic campaign presented in the Rangers of Shadow Deep rulebook, "The Last Stand". The scenario called for some things that I didn't have in my collection, such as civilians, trolls, and a burrow worm. I had the building done quite a while ago. Here's some pics of the minis for this scenario, along with some action shots. 

The scenario was a nail-biter, with a lot of careful tactical decisions. A few companions were knocked out, along with one civilian dying. All in all a fun campaign.


  1. Those trolls look great, in a grimy kind of way. I also really like the colours on your base board. It looks chilly and desolate: really adds to the mood of the game.

    1. Thanks, I really like this game a lot. Old school fun!