Friday, November 11, 2022

The Mandalorkian

I painted a space goblin in a 'Baby Yoda' style carrier about a year ago, and had been wanting to make a guardian ork for him. A couple of months ago I discovered that Puppets War made a set of rocket orcs that had a Boba Fett style helmet. I eventually bought the STL files and printed one off.

The arms and backpack have integral magnet holes, so I ordered the correct size and kitted him out with options. The long rifle is made from a mashup of 3rd edition ork weapons I had in the bits box. I used the same skin tone seen on my RT era orks. This guy is quite a bit larger!


  1. I just love this.

    I don't know precisely why some toy soldier types are better for mapping pop culture elements onto than others, but they are, and orks are best of all I think. Plus mashing "ork" into recognisable terms I'd dad-joke fun IMO.

    Love it. More please!

  2. Hahaha, this is awesome at so many levels! Dis iz 'da way