Friday, March 31, 2023

Turnip28 - Lord Simplesby - Chaff

Every once in a while I get the itch to create a few grimy Turnip28 miniatures. I am pretty close to having one example for each of the basic unit types.

Up for perusal is a new Toff, Lord Simplesby. He's a truly pathetic leader. Rumors amongst the troops is that he lost his legs in a valorous charge into a battery of cannon, but the truth is he amputated his own legs and stitched on root vegetables, for the sole purpose of wooing the Parsnip Empress. Naturally, this failed to win her favor and he's often tasked with particularly foolhardy missions.

 I used two haves of Wargames Factory horses, Perry hussar legs and sword arm, Saint Decent's Turnip28 conversion parts, a Wargames Factory AWI arm, and GW Bretonnian bits here and there.  Plus greenstuff!

I also completed a unit of 'Chaff', which are basically pitiful excuses for skirmishers. 

They are 3d printed, from a mixture of kits including the Turnip28 miniatures, Wargames Atlantic 'Camp Followers', and Big Mr. Tong firearms.


  1. I tend to think that Turnip28 is even more Blanche that Blanche himself, and you keep on producing really awesome concepts turned into minis, that's quite a talent, congratulations!