Saturday, October 31, 2020

40K Adventurers - Ex-Tech - Hive Worlder - Hero - Bandit - Archaeologist

Having got behind on my 40K Adventurers project, I made up for it a bit this month and knocked out four more of the range.

The first group is the three most down-and-out of the set- the Hive Worlder, Hero, and Ex-Tech. All look like they have been through the ringer. I imagine them as stranded spacefarers or perhaps crew that resisted a mutiny and were marooned.

I also painted the 'Bandit' from the Adventurer's range. Followers of the project have probably noticed that the Talisman Timescape range usually has a very close match to a figure from the Adventurers range. To me anyway, the Bandit bears a resemblance to the Archaeologist, so I painted him up at the same time. 'Bandit' on the right.

Seven left!!!


  1. You really did bang them out this month. As always they look fantastic. The staging and photographs are so crisp and well lit. Excellent work.

  2. Really brilliant groups. The ex techs are my favourite - I love the little vestiges of their previous lives (the ree jacket, the yellow badges and goggles). They look perfect desperate survivors.

    1. Thanks, these weren't my favorites back in the olden days, but I like them quite a bit now. The entire range is really solid, looking back on it with more experienced eyes ;)

  3. I think Axiom above nailed it. You manage to tell a story on each one of them, and that's amazing. Loving them!