Saturday, October 24, 2020

Hydra Miniatures - Azeemah, Imperial Princess - Empire of Marduk

Hydra sent me an advance resin copy of "Azeemah, Imperial Princess" to paint for them a couple of months ago. I've been waiting for them to reveal the miniature so that I could post it. She was fun to paint, lots of little details. 

The Empire of Marduk forces so far:


  1. Lovely work. The sculpt is sweet, but your paintwork makes it stand out. It's a total win/win. Fabulous.

  2. God, this sculpt is great and your paint job makes me want to buy one immediately. Need to find a way to justify a project for her.

  3. Stunning! I wish I could paint half as well. That skin in particular is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Lasgun, the skin took a long time, more blended than I usually do.