Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Rogue Trader Inquisitor

The latest entry on my back-and-forth Inquisition project (painting the oldest, then the most recent, working toward the center) is a Rogue Trader era generic Inquisitor. He came in a pack of three. I was not a huge fan of this guy back in the olden days, but he grew on me as I was painting him.

He is pictured in front of some Penitent cages (MDF kits from Kromlech).

Next up, Solomon Lok and retinue from ForgeWorld.


  1. The RT inquisitors all have really esoteric armour and gear don't they? This one has a particularly great face though. I think the black armour works very nicely to offset all his badges and tokens. Nice work!

    1. Thanks! This pack, and the Ordo Malleus one, have some unusual armor and weapons for sure.

  2. This guy does look good with all his buttons and badges and doodads. I like those cages too.

  3. I love that model, your crisp paintwork is totally ace. I have a bunch of old inquisitors (this one among them) waiting to be repainted, your work is inspiring, I will have to revisit this post!

  4. He looks great. The colour scheme works well and the face is excellent.