Monday, May 4, 2020

40K Terrain - Wargames Exclusive Cars - Billboards - Doomsday Device - Dice Tower

Just a few random terrain pieces I've had lingering in the hobby area.

Billboards from Proxie Models. They're business card sized which is a cool idea- I made some new graphics for them.

The Hospitaller in the above sign is from an awesome illustration by PvtSerrano.

I borrowed the 'Advice Techpriest' meme for this one.

"The Libram of Deactivation says to cut the red wire"

Doomsday Device from the 40k Objectives kit.

3D printed dice tower. I used to scoff at the idea of these, but my kids can't seem to keep dice on the table and this one looked like it could double as terrain.

And finally, some resin cars from Wargames Exclusive. They're a bit over the top but remind me of Nemesis the Warlock, so they get my seal of approval.


  1. These are insanely fantastic terrain ideas. I will be adding some billboards. The cars are truly beautiful and have tons of character but the cost... ouch!

    1. Thanks, yeah they are pricey. I think I bought mine in a sale bundle deal a few years ago.

  2. I forgot to ask, could share the billboard graphics?

  3. Excellent. I love the cars too, I really should pick them up at some point, they remind me a bit of Warzone Mutant Chronicles too.