Thursday, December 31, 2020

Final RT601 40k Adventurers Set - End of Year Randomness - 2020 Edition

My 2020 resolution was to paint a full set of 1988 "40K Adventurers", which I have been collecting on-and-off since 1990. I had about half painted at one point- but sold most of them off on eBay many years ago when I needed some money.

I made a final push to collect them all again about ten years ago, and they've been sitting in a box waiting for me to take them on. Luckily, I manged to re-acquire these before the "Oldhammer" nostalgia hit full speed and prices rose significantly. I have been steadily working on them, along with related old-school 40K miniatures, all year.

Here's the result. I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings- "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". 

The White Dwarf #99 ad that began my quest...

As usual, I have lingering miniatures  that were perhaps intended on being finished along with another project, or were loners to start with and were primed but not finished until now. 

A small miniature I picked up at GenCon many years ago. Soft on detail, so she became a test model for simulating bronze.

Two bookshelves I found on Thingiverse and 3D printed. One was filled with GW skulls, another with Hirst Arts books. 

Furniture I purchased from Shapeways a couple years ago.

GW communication relay objective, two random scatter items from Armorcast and IronWind, and a relic objective.

Another small ruin piece, again to test some bronze effects.

Blind Beggar Outlander. 

A brute from Knightmare Miniatures and a Gretchin "Child" from Wargames Exclusive.

Space Fimir, also from Knightmare Miniatures. 

TARDIS console. 

A soldier of the 7th Parsnips for the oddball "Turnip 28" movement.

Sadly I don't have a super accurate count of what I got done this year, because I made some terrain and scatter items for Rangers of Shadow Deep that didn't get photographed because they went straight to the game table.

A reasonable estimate though, based off my blog posts:

93 miniatures for Wargames Atlantic (they worked on a lot of releases this year!)
230+ miniatures for myself
30+ small scatter items/objectives etc.
11 vehicles
15+ buildings and large terrain items

It also appears that I totally forgot to post my "False Omnissiah" build, which is crazy as it was my favorite thing from the entire year!!!


  1. 230+93+30! Those are insane numbers! Seriously, painting the way you do, that many minis... do you do this full time? Hahaha.. no seriously.

    Is the flase omnisssiah mini the tv on trolly? Because that's definitely my pick of the year!

    1. Seems crazy huh? Covid-19 probably has a little to do with it :)

  2. Great stuff and very impressive numbers. I started looking for 'gothic' furniture on thingiverse. Thanks for another time black hole to fall into.... =)

    1. Thanks! Thingiverse is a black hole to be sure. So many cool things on there.

  3. Great variety of fun and useful pieces. Nice to see them all and looking forward to seeing them crop up in future scenes.

    As for the Adventurers, this is one of my bucket list projects. The benchmark is set very high with your lovely set!

    1. Thanks! As far as collecting goes this range is a small hill compared to the Everest of some other Oldhammer Citadel ranges :)

      I appreciate the comments over the span of the project :)